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Rubek Balloons

When one Thinks of celebrations, balloons come first to one's mind.

Balloons are joy inflated. Men of all ages love balloons. Millions of balloons are used every day to add colour and joy to the life of people across the Globe. The increasing use of balloons in occasions of Celebrations, Festivals, etc has created huge demand for quality balloons. This is the very reason for the birth of Rubek Balloons Pvt. Ltd.

RUBEK BALLOONS PRIVATE LTD manufactures high quality branded balloons in India. Balloons in sizes ranging from 5 to 12 inches are produced here and are marketed at very reasonable prices and in convenient packs.of 5, 10, 25, 70, 100 and 1000 numbers in attractive colours. . .

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Metallic Balloons



The premium balloons in the brand name of RUBEK PREMIUM BALLOONS are the only high quality branded balloons available in India. Balloons of sizes ranging from 5 to 12 inches are available at very reasonable rates and convenient packs. Pack sizes of 5, 10, 25,100 and 1000 numbers are available and are attractively presented.
When we believe innovation is the key component to remain as the market leader, we cannot refrain from introducing various shapes, sizes, colours and types of balloons. There are very interesting avatars or ranges yet to be launched by us. Our products page is highlighted with different types of balloons .